21 October 2007

PUT YOUR METAPHORICAL DICKS AWAY! -An analysis of the evening and concluding night of the 20th of October, 2007

the evening started with a weird saturday
night shift at pablo's pizza (where i work)
as in dead after 8pm. so good news we got
out earlier than expected. quickly headed
over to erie and erik's apartment where i
had agreed to meet aaronz and sej. those
other kids went to some party in fruita, as
the three of us stayed, aaronz and myself
really really wanted to go to the jones adams
show but were sad because it was a 21 and
over show. we thought it was worth giving it
a try. we get there and jess just walks right in
as aaron and i hesitantly wait outside waiting
for her to be directed towards the exit any
moment. about 15 seconds later we look in
and see she's walked past the door guys and
towards the crowd of familiar faces. so we
walk in, don't get carded, and prepare to get
crazy great with the JAD. we weren't there
to drink or anything, so the no-carding thing
was conveniently accessional. the show was great.
the people at the show were awesome. officially
met some people. found erie a job. got a ride to
work in the winter season when needed. and also
told not to have metaphorical dicks out in public.
zurek speaks truth, even drunk.

only picture of the night. Eeeerie gots you a job.
missed you this weekend boo.

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