26 October 2007

drawings in flour

So sometimes the pablo's crew takes the tiniest,
most insignificantly small period of time to make
the flour laying on the table into something beautiful
and/or funny. the following are a few of those drawings
we have made in flour through our time and power.
(yeah, that was supposed to rhyme, just accept it)

here we have a rat dog thing who is confused about his own identity in the animal kingdom.

here is the chest of a certain co-worker as depicted by Neal.
i will not specify the gender.

here is yet another illustration by Neal.
this is a take on the porn industry's possible
response to bollywood.

here is an unhappy alcoholic ghost.

and here is a little flour submarine device
kids, stick to your school work.
it's worth it. more important than food.
right now. i'll get on that review after
my C: drive failure is either fixed or
the entire computer is replaced.
damn college computer rooms
nicer desktop than i can afford.

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