31 October 2007

hp help.

Rawson: Step 1

You can backup data using USB adapter. You can backup data onto other system. You can use 2.5" hard drive case that will connect to any USB port. You can use this hard drive case and backup the data on any other laptop or desktop either at home, office or any other friends place without opening the system.

You just need to remove the hard drive from the laptop and put the laptop hard drive in the USB hard drive case and then connect it to USB port.

You can find few USB to SATA cable at the following third party Web sites:



Copy the entire url and paste it in the internet explorer, do not double click it.

Rawson: The below website provides the Maintenance and Service Manual for your DV6000 Notebook Model entire series.
Rawson: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c01035677.pdf
Rawson: Copy the entire url and paste it in the internet explorer, do not double click it.

The instructions for removing and replacing the hard drive can be optioned at page number : 124

Rawson: Please copy the information in a windows notepad or MsWord and save. Perform the steps in offline as the Notebook requires restart after performing these steps. Do not perform these steps now as the chat window will get disconnect if you restart the Notebook.
Rawson: Step 2

The below instructions will take the notebook back to factory condition

Rawson: 1. Reboot the notebook PC.

2. Press F11 when the HP logo displays.

3. When the Recovery Manager appears, click on “Next”.

Rawson: 4. When prompted to use the Microsoft System Restore program, select “No” and click on “Next”.
Rawson: 5. When prompted to use the System Recovery, select “Yes” and click “Next”.
Rawson: 6. Select the option to perform the recovery without backing up files and click next.

The recovery process will return your PC to the factory image.

Rawson: I am finished with giving you the steps.

hopefully rawson knows his shit.

i want my lappy back.

26 October 2007

drawings in flour

So sometimes the pablo's crew takes the tiniest,
most insignificantly small period of time to make
the flour laying on the table into something beautiful
and/or funny. the following are a few of those drawings
we have made in flour through our time and power.
(yeah, that was supposed to rhyme, just accept it)

here we have a rat dog thing who is confused about his own identity in the animal kingdom.

here is the chest of a certain co-worker as depicted by Neal.
i will not specify the gender.

here is yet another illustration by Neal.
this is a take on the porn industry's possible
response to bollywood.

here is an unhappy alcoholic ghost.

and here is a little flour submarine device
kids, stick to your school work.
it's worth it. more important than food.
right now. i'll get on that review after
my C: drive failure is either fixed or
the entire computer is replaced.
damn college computer rooms
nicer desktop than i can afford.

24 October 2007

i'm so ashamed

for having spent so much time on this tonight.
this is ridiculous. i've got class at 8 tomorrow,
followed by work at 9:30, then class again at 4,
then back to work at 5 until 10. unless i can get
someone to cover for me, because i'm probably
going to want to nap. all day. until 8.
then go to waffle night.

you can find a 2d version of portal here.

22 October 2007



New Scotland yard tomorrow.
:) it better be as good as I bet you say that to all the boys.
review sometime this week.

happy birthday mom.
sorry you had to have a
warrant out for
your arrest
on this

21 October 2007

PUT YOUR METAPHORICAL DICKS AWAY! -An analysis of the evening and concluding night of the 20th of October, 2007

the evening started with a weird saturday
night shift at pablo's pizza (where i work)
as in dead after 8pm. so good news we got
out earlier than expected. quickly headed
over to erie and erik's apartment where i
had agreed to meet aaronz and sej. those
other kids went to some party in fruita, as
the three of us stayed, aaronz and myself
really really wanted to go to the jones adams
show but were sad because it was a 21 and
over show. we thought it was worth giving it
a try. we get there and jess just walks right in
as aaron and i hesitantly wait outside waiting
for her to be directed towards the exit any
moment. about 15 seconds later we look in
and see she's walked past the door guys and
towards the crowd of familiar faces. so we
walk in, don't get carded, and prepare to get
crazy great with the JAD. we weren't there
to drink or anything, so the no-carding thing
was conveniently accessional. the show was great.
the people at the show were awesome. officially
met some people. found erie a job. got a ride to
work in the winter season when needed. and also
told not to have metaphorical dicks out in public.
zurek speaks truth, even drunk.

only picture of the night. Eeeerie gots you a job.
missed you this weekend boo.

19 October 2007

So of course i miss you...

and i miss you bad. you may have seen the magic
of optical illusions. but now watch them to the
musical stylings of erlend oye and mates.
slowwwwwwwww day :(

18 October 2007



shirts are great things. they're better when they're custom embroidered with whatever you want on them. for example this golden shark on my upper left breast. it looks pretty ok with the maroon shirt.

This red jacket cost exactly one dollar. then clouds were added to the upper right shoulder. that's right, light blue clouds suckas.

so the lesson is basically, when you can have shit like this done at little or no cost, go for the gold.

The Wizard of Aaaahs

Rock and roll is out of control!!!


This is Erie and Lehi's blog about brvtal noise metal!!!!

stay tuned chicken turds.